Fast News is an e-Newspaper. The main objective was to cover all aspects of life like food, news, jokes, health and almost anything and everything a person can think under sun.
  • All contents are written by team of Fast News.
  • Viewers are requested to verify details from professional before using any details.
  • Fast News is not responsible for any information used by viewers for their personal and professional use.
  • Some news have been borrowed from other websites, if owner of the website has any problem we will promptly delete the content                                                                           ( Please mail on contact.fast.news@gmail.com ).
  • Fast News is online affiliates and advertises many company products. Viewers are requested to verify all the details of suppliers before making cash, cheque or any other kind of payments. Fast News is not responsible for financial or any dispute between the parties, buyer or seller.
  • For any other details feel free to contact contact.fast.news@gmail.com ) 

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